How to Improve Your Health with Whole Body Vibration Machines


Whole body vibration machines have made their special place. It is one device that has captured the attention of every fitness or health conscious person. The technology is available to everybody. Initially, it had been utilized by Russian scientists to aid astronauts combat muscle loss. It comprises a plate for the user to stand on and handlebars to support their position. You can perform all sorts of fixed or dynamic movements by using this equipment including everything from standing, kneeling, sitting and stretch exercises. You will get a regular gym workout or do yoga poses utilizing this equipment.

The machine is so designed that it creates therapeutic oscillations from the feet up through your whole body. The vibrations produced by the plate trigger rapid muscle contractions otherwise known as a stretch reflex. These contractions get muscles to work continuously and improve bone mineral density and stamina. Not only this, they increase versatility in your body, increase your metabolism, burn off additional calories, enhance oxygen consumption, improve the circulation of blood, combat the aging process and much more. One gets many gains in a minimum timeframe. Beyond it being a machine that is fashionable, positive effects can’t be ignored.

To get the very best results, begin with the basics. First get yourself familiar with whole body vibration machines. As soon as you start to train, the recommended fitness speeds should be more than 15 hertz every other day. Slowly raise the speed and duration of your sessions of work out to a maximum of 15 minutes. Your one hour workout is now down to 15 minutes! It means that your muscles are contracting at the rate of 26 contractions per second, should you have set your device to 26 hertz. While regulating the speed, the more intense the workout you will perform, the more you will challenge yourself through distinct poses. Rates under 15 hertz are better suited for healing stretches and relaxation which can be used daily. Ensure not to exceed more than 15 minutes total use.

Don’t take your workout with whole body vibration machine as a substitute to routine morning or evening stroll. It is an enhancement to your existing routine and relief from some health conditions. Facts support the benefits of the machine. Researchers have discovered that it seemed to boost bone density in the hip of postmenopausal women. They have come to the fact after giving 6 months training to women where they were made to stand on the platform in a squat position three times instances a week, for 5 cycles. Go online to find more info.

Check out for tips on using body vibration machines for exercise.


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